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Sierra Flores, Director of Everyday Español LLC

Sierra is fully bilingual; fluent in both English and Spanish. She has lived and studied in Central America (Costa Rica and El Salvador).

With 9 years spent as a professional educator, she fully understands how to meet the needs of all learners - no matter their starting point.

Spanish is her second language. Because of this, she truly understands the challenges her clients face. Right down to their specific pain points, anxieties, and sometimes hopelessness in believing bilingualism can ever be achieved. This serves as proof that "Gringas CAN do it".

Sierra not only teaches Spanish language and culture, but she also focuses on building confidence and self-esteem that will shift the mindset of those with whom she works.

She is currently accepting new clients who are ready to overcome the barriers preventing them from being a successful, fluent, Spanish speaker. To inquire about her services, please get in touch.

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